I use Twitter favourites feature to mark as read it later tweets that contain a link that seems interesting. Eventually I tidy up my long list of unread interesting stuff and today I found out about the following item.

There was this tweet from Santiago Pastorino about how to include highlighted code into a Keynote.app presentation:

# Copy the text to the pasteboard from your editor

# <language> should be a programming language supported by pygmentize.

pbpaste | pygmentize -l <language> -f rtf | pbcopy

# Paste the pasteboard content into Keynote.app

As simple as that. Keynote.app recognizes automatically the RTF format and therefore the code is highlighted as defined by pygmentize. Awesome tip!

Two last comments:

  • if you try to do this using Microsoft PowerPoint for OS X, remember to choose “Special paste”. PowerPoint does not recognize automatically the RTF format, which by the way was developed by Microsoft. Great engineering work (the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Text_Format with a really poor user experience (“special paste” sucks).

  • if you are creating a code oriented lecture, my recommendation is you give a try to Terminal Keynote. I’ve used it once with great results.

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