Juan de Bravo

Co-founder and stuff builder at Jamm - Lightweight voice & video collaboration for remote teams Jamm - Lightweight voice & video collaboration for remote teams | Product Hunt Embed

About me

I’m a Senior Engineering Manager with rounded international and multicultural experience used to work in uncertain and challenging environments.

Over fifteen years of professional programming experience.

For 9+ years I've been successfully leading technical teams, combining team management roles with technical leadership in frontend, backend and data streaming technologies.


  • Ten years experience leading technical teams.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about client and server architectures, message passing and loosely coupled systems in general.
  • Deep experience with Python, Ruby, Java and JavaScript.
  • Cloud environments: AWS and Google Cloud.
  • TID-X co-organizer.
  • Experienced Scrum master player during more than five years.
  • DevOps tools and culture.
  • Basic knowledge of Erlang and Scala.


Feel free to reach me out at .