Hello world

During the last months I’ve felt an increasing need to share my thoughts with the tech world for the following reasons:

  • I think it’s a good way to keep on learning English. Yes fellas, I’ve been working on Shakespeare’s language for a while but there is a whole road of new words and expressions to take in. Sad but true. So, never give up. Learn!

  • One of my new year resolutions was to embrace a new programming language. It’s incredible how much you can learn in a travel like that and sometimes I need to share some bits of that new knowledge. Some of those might be could obvious to you but they are new to me that’s why they are here. As my motto says: “never stop learning”.

Why Jekyll and not Wordpress?

  • In 2011 I’d been working mainly in an innovation project where we had the chance to test and use different tools to build our platform and service. It was an awesome adventure. One of the things we did was creating all the documentation our service needed using Markdown format and running a Rake task to generate the HTML pages that any HTTP server in the world could serve. Yes, we did not need any hard editorial flow to follow, we were innovators. Kudos to @osuka for letting me that freedom.

  • ruby, github and git are my tools of choice whenever I can use them and I’m a big fan of UNIX shell so it’s kind of familiar environment for me. Kudos to GitHub pages for supporting Jekyll. I can use git flow to write my blog!

  • Last, but not least, my fellow @rafeca started a blog during our international assignment in Jajah. I’m using Jekyll and I have borrowed his layout to build this blog. Hopefully I’ll write more often than he does, though. For me it’s also a way to share experiences with him now that ours careers have diverged :-) Please check his explanation about how to create a blog like this from scratch.

What will be this about

Well, I’m always reading new stuff, you know, never stop learning. I’ll try to show some of the new stuff I’m reading about. At this point, could be something related to:

  • ruby, my programming language of choice.
  • python, the language I’m currently using more widely.
  • git, the SCM that is amazing IMO.
  • Adhearsion, the open source telephony framework I was actively contributing for some months and that is being leaded by the awesome Ben Klang, Ben Langfeld and Jason Goecke.
  • Freeswitch and ESL, the telephony platform I’m hacking with (not so often though)
  • Scala: learning Scala was my first new year resolution, I’ve started learning now and I do like to syntax. I don’t have yet a strong opinion about it that seems quite amazing.

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